Hey! I have written this book on 31 ideas worth implementing. Go and get your favorite one no matter in which country you are living. Any Operating systems, application ideas, also for devices. All you have to do is get your piece of pie after purchasing. enjoy. 🙂

This book contains 31 ideas that were written and presented by Syed Mohammad Ahmed in the year 2015 as this book, Some of the ideas have already turned into a reality in 2021. Amazing Application ideas which could be used anywhere in the world. And yes some are fascinating.

Even though some ideas have already gone viral does not mean that you could not do them in 2021, However, you may still get shockingly surprised to know that many ideas written in this book were not there back in 2015 and were unique, and still few might not be discovered now.

31 ideas book was firstly published on December 9, 2015, by Syed Mohammad Ahmed, the same book is republished with name correction of the author in the year 2021, no other changes have been made except author name correction from Mohammad Ahmed Syed to Syed Mohammad Ahmed.