Just a thought on how can supportive systems can change the world. And how can people take initiatives which can shape the future? Just a plain textbook. based on a modern idea for bringing the change.

The book covers the idea of how to recover low economies by building a supportive web globally.

Book content is based on the following.

•Implementing global web for support initiative activities by modern, smarter decisions.

•Disease awareness and prevention programs by modern approach.

Strategies on modern approaches which can change the world, and will prevent the biggest challenges faced by the world’s problem solvers by giving them support.

World of Innovators: Good vision can change the world was firstly published on August 30th, 2015, by Syed Mohammad Ahmed, the same book is republished with the name correction of the author in the year 2021, no other changes have been made except author name correction from Mohammad Ahmed Syed to Syed Mohammad Ahmed.