Post-Publishing Guideline

  • All the Submitted Articles and Posts needs to be Owned or published after permissions.
  • All posts must abide by local and international laws.
  • Users must not submit and promote illegal services and illegal businesses of any type.
  • Hate Speech, adult or sexual themed and Political themed posts are not allowed
  • Human Cast, Race, and Gender and Religious themed content are not allowed.
  • Criticism of any kind whether positive or negative or suggestive is not allowed.
  • Posting content about other people and entities without their permission is not allowed.
  • Duplicate and Spam submissions are not allowed.
  • Using copyrighted material without a license is not allowed.
  • Violation of trademarks and copyright laws is not allowed.
  • Content and material submitted needs to be 100% owned by the users or must have permissions.
  • All the images need to be legal to use by the guest post author.
  • Users submitting posts must have all the legal rights for the post contents.
  • No manipulating search engines allowed.
  • By submitting your posts, you declare that you are not doing any illegal activity and that your submissions are legal, including the URLs, included.
  • By Submitting Your Articles and Post, you fully Acknowledge and admit and declare that your submissions are legal and you will be solely responsible for your actions taken.
  • By submitting Your articles and posts you declare that you have accepted All the Terms and Conditions and Guidelines.
  • The minimum accepted length for any post is at least 130+ words for all categories.

Moderator may not approve and publish any content which they think should not be on this platform.

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