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Obesity Book for Weight Loss: The Obesity Book for An Easy Weight Loss

The Obesity Book for An Easy Weight Loss is An Effective and Easy Weight Loss Program for Treating Obesity in People and Help them Lose Weight Healthily and Easily.

You do not have to do a hard diet and exhausting work-outs to get fit from fat or to lose weight.

You do not need to pay thousands of dollars on obesity management treatments or life-threatening surgeries like gastric bypass, and also you do not need to spend thousands for buying costly gym equipment or pay thousands for fitness studio memberships and also do not need to buy costly supplements or coaching to get fit.

This book is a tried formula for weight management and the methods written in this book helped the author to lose 59 kilograms in less than 1 year, from 134 kg to 75 kg. The author already had 9 years of exercise experience so he knows the pros and cons of the fitness world and understands and acknowledges the hardship involved in the fitness industry or obesity management and knows how difficult it is for the average beginner to start a weight loss or fitness routine.

The weight loss program in this book is designed in a way which does not cause exhaustion of mind or body and does not break human spirit or cause stresses which leads to injuries and pains like the one caused by the cross-fit sessions or 3 hour gym class, Instead it can be followed by any obese person who likes to lose weight in a quick and fast but a very healthy way which if followed may help almost anyone to get their dream physique in few months.

This Obesity book is for almost all ages and for both Men and Women who are adults or Teenagers and the instructions, Diet and Exercise in this book are effective and easy and can be followed and done easily by anyone.

You do not have to starve between meals and absolutely do not need to perform high intensity and exhausting weight training or robotic exercises, leave those things for the robots, instead, you will be dieting and exercising in a very human way.

This book contains the diet-plan and diet strategy for weight management and covers the eating pattern which will trigger fat reduction and aid in weight-loss, the caloric intake diet plan is also given to follow with fitness work-out routine.

This book holds the information on weight training which is partially aerobics, the reader will also find crucial information about how much weight to use for the exercise part and also learn about muscle conditioning.

This Weight Loss Book will teach about how should one start Walking and Running for Weight Loss.

Weight-loss first or bodybuilding and what is the best thing to do and which one is the best for weight loss is also answered.

The Exercise illustrations and demonstrations are also given. It also covers topic of dealing with first time injury and pains.

This weight-loss and obesity management book contains important information about being dedicated to the fitness plan, and covers information about Natural Weight Loss vs Gastric Bypass Surgery, and also contains information about fat reduction and sugar intake.

This obesity book teaches the best way of maintaining weight after fat-loss and contains important information about how important it is to take rest.

This book also contains extra information about workout-wisdom and tips for having enough brain-power to cope and deal with obesity in a more dedicated and natural way.

The book contains answers to crucial and important popular questions such as more Salt is good or bad and is Extra Sugar intake good or bad and can I skip the exercise part or not or can I skip the meals or not and how to deal with having a problem of low energy levels and fatigue.

The solution for avoiding blisters behind the ankles and the best methods to deal with the problem of foot-pains caused by walking is also given.


31 ideas book: glass is half full: Republished Original Edition

Hey! I have written this book on 31 ideas worth implementing. Go and get your favorite one no matter in which country you are living. Any Operating systems, application ideas, also for devices. All you have to do is get your piece of pie after purchasing. enjoy. 🙂

This book contains 31 ideas that were written and presented by Syed Mohammad Ahmed in the year 2015 as this book, Some of the ideas have already turned into a reality in 2021. Amazing Application ideas which could be used anywhere in the world. And yes some are fascinating.

Even though some ideas have already gone viral does not mean that you could not do them in 2021, However, you may still get shockingly surprised to know that many ideas written in this book were not there back in 2015 and were unique, and still few might not be discovered now.

31 ideas book was firstly published on December 9, 2015, by Syed Mohammad Ahmed, the same book is republished with name correction of the author in the year 2021, no other changes have been made except author name correction from Mohammad Ahmed Syed to Syed Mohammad Ahmed.


World of Innovators: Good vision can change the world: Republished Original Edition

Just a thought on how can supportive systems can change the world. And how can people take initiatives which can shape the future? Just a plain textbook. based on a modern idea for bringing the change.

The book covers the idea of how to recover low economies by building a supportive web globally.

Book content is based on the following.

•Implementing global web for support initiative activities by modern, smarter decisions.

•Disease awareness and prevention programs by modern approach.

Strategies on modern approaches which can change the world, and will prevent the biggest challenges faced by the world’s problem solvers by giving them support.

World of Innovators: Good vision can change the world was firstly published on August 30th, 2015, by Syed Mohammad Ahmed, the same book is republished with the name correction of the author in the year 2021, no other changes have been made except author name correction from Mohammad Ahmed Syed to Syed Mohammad Ahmed.


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